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MQL4 Pending Orders Wont Open

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LanceHardwood 2016.02.04 15:43 

I have been working on my expert advisor and have tried to open a pending order. i keep on getting error 130 (invalid goals), so i set my goals to 0 and then added a little script that closes all orders manually. I still get error 130(invalid goals), is MQL4 trolling me?!

            PosSizeShort = -((OpenShorts * GLval - OpenLongs * GSval - AmntPROFIT)/GLval)+1;
            int Ticket = OrderSend(Symbol(), OP_BUYSTOP, (double)PosSizeLong, Price, 5, 0, 0);
             if(Ticket < 0){Alert("order failes error #", GetLastError());}
             else{Alert("Order placed succesfully");}


btw i have opened an order before with the goals that use to have on this one and that order executes perfectly like it's supposed to.

LanceHardwood 2016.02.04 16:12  
btw "price" is just the Ask value saved under a variable (which is the price variable)
Siti Latifah
Siti Latifah 2016.02.04 17:02  

RunningPrice + Distance (po_stop price) >= StopLevel

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