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jimmy23 2016.02.03 02:10 

Hello today I subscribed a signal, but unfortunatly I did it from my microLOT account. When im autotrading im buying only 0.01 lot which ist around some cents. Can you help me and tell me what should I do? Is it possible to change it in options? Or I need to create a new account with normal LOT. But it this case what can I do with my subscription? I payed for it 100$. Is it possible to change an account in my subscription? Should I write to help desk ?

Thank you for any help.

Michael Maggi
Michael Maggi 2016.02.03 19:21  

Signals Provider is authorized to set up a fee-based subscription to a Signal, only provided that he was approved as a Seller. The status as a Seller is not required for free subscriptions.
Every Provider can set up several Signals, subject to the following rule: "One trading account - one Signal".


You will have to check with the Seller to see if there is a problema, but the rule is only one signal per account.  I think some of this might depend if the accounts are on the same machine because that is how the Sellers know their signal is going to one place for one subscriber.  Have you tried to link your actual trading account to the signal?  You might have to unlink your other account to the signal through the Options Windows.  You should follow up with the Seller right away.  The fórum will not be so closely watched to give quick results and the sooner the better with this problem.

If you don's know the seller you can go to the original signal page and then check for the seller. Also on your Profile page there should be a link to your subscriptions on the left hand side.

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