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create infinite running process in mql which wait for event and take action.

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akash.umang 2016.01.29 07:44 

Problem Description : Currently from OnTick()  i am calling a DLL function . DLL code is written in CPP.

                                In DLL i want to write a function that wait for a event(in my case it is massage from

                                other DLL) and then return to ONTick. but in mql it is restriction that it must return in one sec.

                                so to solve that process i want to start a process that runs infinitely and whenever DLL receive

                                massage then we update a variable , and depending upon variable value we return either massage

                                 or NULL to OnTick() for each call. But not able to find how and in which function(where) to start my process.



                                any hint and idea will be highly appreciated.





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