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Price Histogram (My Personal Research)

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bantri 2012.07.19 07:47 

Testing Beta 002 of the Price Histogram Indicator

todo list 

-binary search sucessfully acelerated the calculations

-study for lines or bars in progress

-diffusion methods for price ranges

-option between bars or lines

-probability levels



AdvPH 0.002 

bantri 2012.07.19 07:56  

Older version different layout snapshot

-had a wrong adjustment in bsearch

-first proof of concept analysis

AdvPH 0.001 

bantri 2012.07.20 00:35  

Bug fixed!!!

TimeScale Correction to allow huge histograms that span the weekend gap (using the smallest M1 period)

RedLine (bugged)


todo list

-sub-fibonacci price ranges weighting (mission impossible probably...)

-linear OpenClose LowHigh Volume weighting combinations (less difficult...) 

-Some rounding errors adjusts

-Time-Spaced or Equal Volume Spaced Multilines Histogram (probablly difficult...)

-Percent Probability Vertical Markers (probably difficult...)  

-Analysing Other histogram indicator sources to check what are the ideal proportions for weighting

Weekend Gap Corrected

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