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Invalid license for no reason AT ALL !

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Cedric Devigne
Cedric Devigne  

Hi everyone!


This is a message to say how much I pissed about mql activation system.

I bought 2 indicators with 5 activations each. In my mind I bought applications not activations but let's pass on that.

So far I have use:

- 1 for my VPS

- 1 for my computer

- 1 more for windows 10 update (WTF!??)


And today, for no reason what so ever,  I can't use any of those 2 indicators !

Every time I try to click & drag, I get a message in the expert tab: 'invalid license'.

- Everything works fine yesterday

- I didn't close MT4 since


I have try to restart connection with mql5 in MT4, log to other accounts, restart mt4, restart the computer: Nothing !

What should I do ??? 


Please help me because this is making me going MAD, I trade for a living and I can't work like this !


Thanks in advance, best regards.


A very angry costumer ! 

Cedric Devigne
Cedric Devigne  

Ok, things are back to normal.


Here is what happened and procedure if anyone has the same trouble:

- I have contact support

- They told me to erase all my indicators and reinstall them completely.

- This took me one more activation but they refund me 1 right after.


A bit of disappointment but support did the job quickly.




A no more angry consumer :) 

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