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Connect MetaTrader5 to Datafeed e.g. Interactive Broker

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who can help me to find a solution for MetaTrader5 to connect a datafeed from e.g. InteractiveBrokers.

If have an account at Interactive Brokers and I'd like to trade with MetaTrader5 and Interactive Brokers.

There is a possibility to link MT5 via MTIB-Bridge with IB. But I need furthermore a realtime data feed of futures and currencies.

Is there a solution to link MT5 with a data provider like IB?

Thank's in advance.

Best regards


Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  

It's not possible, you can only use data feed from an MT5 broker in MT5.

As noted in MTIBBridge information page :

ATTENTION: MTIBBridge can't feed MetaTrader charts with IB data (no application can do this)

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