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Question about arbitration to the administration.

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Do you know that MQL5 can create custom graphical tools?
Arkadii Zagorulko
Arkadii Zagorulko 2015.12.31 10:45 

The client does not know what it wants is not responding. I gave him three different versions of the indicator.

I wrote a personal message

no answer.

I filed for arbitration, but there is still no response from customer or administration.

What can I expect in this case?

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2015.12.31 16:56  
Are you really expecting an answer from administration on a 31th December ? Wait until Monday and take some rest :-)
Khurram Mustafa
Khurram Mustafa 2016.01.01 20:22  
holidays are alive please wait until monday tuesday :)
Hossein Nouri
Hossein Nouri 2016.08.14 09:56  

I have the same problem with this customer (twj),

His job is completed but he's not answering, I've requested arbitration too.

When someone wants a job to be done in 1 day must cooperate with developer.

Arkadii Zagorulko
Arkadii Zagorulko 2016.08.14 12:02  
The job was closed by arbitration in my favor.
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