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Andrewt84 2015.12.11 00:35 

Hi Guys

I have notice that the MA's crossover does not happen the same time as a stochastic and that the EA I am looking for or going to get created, which would be a better buy or sell signal MA or Stochastic crossover?

Can I base the trade entry on a MA and exit on the Stochastic?

 What would be the best was to explain to A EA developer that I am only looking for the EA to trade like the example attached? 


Thank you




Example_2.jpg 214 kb
Biantoro Kunarto
Biantoro Kunarto 2015.12.11 07:24  

Hi, Andrew

You can use "MA for entry and Stochastic for exit" or "Stochastic for entry and MA for exit".

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