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Indicators: Ticks collector

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Automated-Trading 2015.12.10 16:24 

Ticks collector:

Collection of ticks with writing data to a file and plotting non-standard charts. For each of the listed chart types a specific price type can be set:
  1. By Bid prices - the way it is used in МТ4.
  2. By Ask prices - instead of Bid the real Ask prices are displayed, but not the addition of the spread value to the Bid price.
  3. Close - min Bid, open - max Ask - the first combined price representation. Such chart shows the maximum distance the market went in the direction of the profit of the perfect deal - opening in the right direction by one of the candlestick prices.
  4. Close - max Ask, open - min Bid - the second combined price representation. The chart displays the maximum amplitude of the prices on a candlestick.

Author: Ihor Herasko

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