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buyed EA and forgot to log in MQL5 at MT4 Account...want to switch the EA to another PC...need help please

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Do you know that MQL5 can create custom graphical tools?
RodeRunner 2015.11.16 17:19 

I need help to fix a problem with my mt4 account and mql5 account.

I downloaded (buyed) an expert advisor from my mql5 account and switched it to my mt4 account. But on my mt4 account i wasn't logged in to the mql5 account.

Now i can't switch my new buyed  EA (10 activations) to another pc. It could be the same mt4 account on another pc but it doesn't work.

Is there a possibility to compare mql5 account with mt4 account, so that i can see the buyed EA at the MQL5 account?

Thank you for help and sorry for my bad english...hope you understand what i mean?

Daniel Stein
Daniel Stein 2015.11.19 15:58  

Hi RodeRunner,

i sent you a private message in German.

Hope this helps.

Best regards


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