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How can i record the closing price of a specific candle

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Akif Mushtaq
Akif Mushtaq 2015.11.10 12:41 

and save it until a higher closing price is achieved? 

eg: prev candle's closing price is 1.0950, which is saved as a variable. I want to save this price until a candle shows a higher closing price, in which case, the new closing price wil be the value of my variable.

If I try to set the closing price as a static, it gets saved, but then i cant replace it with a new value.

If I try to set it as a double, it gets saved only for the duration of that bar, and changes with each bar.

 Any ideas? 

Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2015.11.10 13:01  

save it as a global variable (double).

then do something like

double bar_close;

  bar_close=Close[1];// save new high.
Snelle Moda
Snelle Moda 2015.11.10 17:45  


Try this example:

// Rates Structure for the data of the Last complete BAR
   MqlRates BarData[1]; 
   CopyRates(Symbol(), Period(), 1, 1, BarData); // Copy the data of last complete BAR

// Highest value of the CLOSE price.
   static double dMy_Highest_Close_Price = 0; // Use a static double to keep the value in the memory or use a global variable.

// Check of new close price is higher than the saved close price.     
   if(BarData[0].close > dMy_Highest_Close_Price)
         dMy_Highest_Close_Price = BarData[0].close; // Update the new highest close price.

   Print("My highest close price = ", dMy_Highest_Close_Price, " Current close price = ", BarData[0].close);
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