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MBT (Manual Back Tester) EA to use hot key manually open trades with strategy tester

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Min Li
Min Li  

I was planning to publish this free EA with the MT4 market, however because it calls user32 DLL, it's not allowed as a market product. So I'm putting it here.

Manual Back Tester (MBT) allows discretionary trader to test their strategy with strategy tester using hot keys control entry and exit points. It's primary purpose is to replace visual testing with accurate entry and exit so strategy performance can be evaluated, before trader to decide completely automate the strategy.

Only work with strategy tester. Please do allow DLL.


Key Features:

  1. Single order entry of all types, market order, stop order and limit order.
  2. Pending straddle orders. Entry can be equal distance or based on location of the lines.
  3. All pending order entry price can be controlled with drag of lines
  4. Rapid order reverse.
  5. Closing orders.
  6. Order management functions.
  7. MM lot size or fixed lot size options.
  8. User defined hot key settings.



MBT_1.00.ex4 77 kb

Hi Min Li,

when I load your EA to backtest, i got this error Cannot call 'user32.dll::GetAsyncKeyState', 'user32.dll' is not loaded. How can I resolve it? I'm using window 7

Best regards,


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