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New user of meta trader, some basic questions regarding automatic target stop loss functionality

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Hello everyone,

I will shortly for the first time start using the powerful metatrader.
I have some real basic questions which I would like to just verify that it's possible.

 The price i talk about moves in ticks, for example as below:
and so on...

Is possible to create the following rule in meta, if i buy on 1400,as soon as the price hit 1401 then a stop loss will be placed 1400,75 (not a trailing stop loss just a one that will remain stuck on that level) Meanin that as soon as the price crosses 1400,75 I will be sold out at 1400,5 (as long as the spread is 0,25 tick of course in the index)?

With the following rule, lets say that I bought one contract and the stop loss have been in place at 1400,75.
then the price goes up further to 1410, i buy also one more contract, the same stop loss functionality goes in, and IF that stop loss in my position 2 would be hit then i want to exit JUST WITH contract in position 2, I dont  want to sell all my long positions (in other words keeping the other one I bouth on 1400) is this possible?

Is it possible to create a rule where I can specity, for example first if 1425 is hit, enable a trailing stop loss 2 tick below 1425? That will follow the price up until it moves 2 ticks down and sells my position to profit.

Thanks a lot in advance.
Your advice on theese questions means a lot!

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