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issues with EA taking trades

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sergiodv 2015.10.27 10:13 

First let me say I am very new at programming but i was hoping to pick someone's brains.

I have added an indicator to an BO EA i had built for me. The EA is an ex4 indicator and I used the icustom code.

I think the buffer value is correct.

Any other suggestions on what this amateur can do to resolve the issue?


sergiodv 2015.10.27 12:49  

actually I have it trading properly now. but only if I set it to trade on next candle.

Not sure why it won't trade immediately. i guess I might have to hand it back to the developer to help, unless someone has any ideas.

Hector Pacheco
Hector Pacheco 2015.10.27 16:41  

Hello. Please show the code to help.


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