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EA not working properly on multiple charts

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Akif Mushtaq
Akif Mushtaq 2015.10.05 13:02 

Ok this sounds odd, and I had no problems backtesting my EA on multple charts, but when i ran it in live mode, I ran into this issue. I am trying to run the same EA on 4 different currency pairs. The EA triggers a trade on 1 chart after receiving a signal, but so long as that position is open, it doesnt open positions on other charts, even though trade triggers are achieved for thos as we well. rOnce the first trade is liquidated (SL or TP), the remaining trades trigger immediately, provided the trigger conditions still hold true. Im confused as to why the other charts wait for the first position to be closed before triggering their orders.

Im using magic numbers (though I believe that doenst matter, since I am using different instrument for each chart). 
Is there something I am missing, which is causing this odd behavior?

Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2015.10.05 13:30  
could be to do with orders max.
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