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Is it possible to move stop loss based on M1 while EA works on H4 ?

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Naruephon Klongngoen
Naruephon Klongngoen 2015.09.29 11:57 


I now have EA that works on H4 but I want to make stop loss function work in M1 timeframe

I try using OnTick but doesn't work

Can anyone please advise some hint ?


Thanks in advance 

Enrico Lambino
Enrico Lambino 2015.09.29 13:23  

If it's broker-based SL, it would be up to your broker to execute it.

If it's virtual, yes, it is also possible. Just make sure that the call to the function is made every tick, not just at the start of each H4 (or other) bars.

Can't give any other advice unless you show your current code.

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