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monthly growth %

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Md. Shahadat Hossain
Md. Shahadat Hossain 2015.09.28 14:14 

i was always searching for this ans: how much i should target as monthly profit?  there are some trader who can achieve few 100% in a month and some are happy with modest 8-15% growth. which one i should target, after passing 5-6 years in forx now i think yearly 80-120% growth is much more logical if any one maintain this rate for longer period. more the targeted profit means u are taking more risks to your account. 

What is your view on monthly growth %?

Tan Phan Ngoc
Tan Phan Ngoc 2015.09.28 14:26  
10% - 30% growth monthly is ok.
Waseem Raza
Waseem Raza 2015.09.28 15:41  

Quick growth can live for short time , but an average growth is a long time policy , you can not set in advance that there always will be a growth it depends on market.  So better to measure in Annual instead of Month.

A Growth target is connected with a strategy and every person have own strategy in 90% cases its one man show with quick decisions and only 10% a group decision.    

Anton Nel
Anton Nel 2015.09.28 15:45  

Reasonable for long term is about 5% - 8% per month (60% - 96% per year). Patience is the key...  

Saeid Rafiee
Saeid Rafiee 2015.09.28 15:50  
2 of our strategy:
1. The rapid growth in a short time - Strategy scalp traders with high risk --- at least 100% growth per month
2. The continuing slow growth in long time - long term strategy of 
low risk ---at least 5% growth per month
Isauro Martinez Tamez
Isauro Martinez Tamez 2015.09.28 16:26  
You should start with a low risk strat, that means a low target, I think 5% monthly is ok to start with and increase it over time, I wouldn't recomend it to be over 25% unless you are able to take very high risks, however, that doesn't mean you should limit your limit transactions to 25, but maybe market conditions would allow you to make it up to 100% one month a year ;)
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