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New article Easy Stock Market Trading with MetaTrader has been published:

This article raises the issues of automated trading on the stock market. Examples of MetaTrader 4 and QUIK integration are provided for your information. In addition to that, you can familiarize yourself with MetaTrader advantages aimed at solving this issue, and see how a trading robot can perform operations on MICEX.

After an easy development of trading robots for MetaTrader 4, you may be unpleasantly surprised about the challenges one will face with developing bots for the stock market in Russia. QUIK is one of the most popular programs among Russian brokers. The program has a built-in programming language QPILE, which allows making simple scripts, but doesn't have enough capacity to develop full-fledged trading robots, let alone provide testing facilities. Therefore, we have to find an alternative way.

Comprehensive Account Management Module

For multiple accounts management our model has to be rebuilt by introducing a program, that would allow us to add/remove a client account, as well as add new shares and robots quickly. In addition to that, the program should be capable of reallocating client funds between robots and shares in a short period of time. The new model would look accordingly:

Author: Shashev Sergei

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