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obay 2015.09.10 19:06 


while trying to implement a Multi-Currency EA I stumbled upon this:

When looping over all symbols and just printing out their Names and Paths, some Symbols create errors that crash the EA. This only happens in tester, not on Demo-Account.

Here is a code-snippet:

   for(int i=0;i<SymbolsTotal(false);i++)


      string thisSymbolName=SymbolName(i,false);

      string thisSymbolPath=SymbolInfoString(thisSymbolName,SYMBOL_PATH);

      Print("Symbol ",i," Name=",thisSymbolName," Path=",thisSymbolPath);


The crucial output lines are of the type:

GH 3 18:56:52.472 History no data synchronized, 37 bytes read

NQ 2 18:56:52.472 Symbols symbol GerTecDec15 history synchronization error


GetLastError() returns 4301 , that is ERR_MARKET_UNKNOWN_SYMBOL. 

For your convenience I attached an example-EA and a log of it's execution. 

Does anyone have any ideas how this can be circumvented? Is there any way to download only specific history data?

20150910.log 106 kb
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