403 - запрещено. Доступ запрещен.

Jinsong Zhang
I login mql5.com but there is error: 403 - запрещено. Доступ запрещен. Предоставленные учетные данные не дают права на просмотр этого каталога или страницы. I have to use proxy to login. Can open 'http' pages but can't open 'https' pages

Check the "Binding to IP address" option in Security section of your profile. You have 2 different ip-address permanently changing.

And please attach the screenshot of the page you see.


Please append the following:

  1. complete screenshot of your browser, not only part of the page. We need at least address bar
  2. URLs you open.
  3. screenshot with detailed information about SSL-certificate if possible