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CopyBuffer takes too long when there isn't enough bars to calculate Indicator for high periods

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mbingol 2015.08.21 13:29 


I am working on TEMA indicator values of different periods (500,1000, 2000 etc) for different time frames.

When I add these indicators on the graph of H1 timeframe, I can see 500 and 1000. But since there is not enough number of bars for 2000, it can't be calculated which is normal.

In my EA, I am using CopyBuffer to get the values of these indicators for selected symbol and timeframe (M1 through W1). So for Short time frames like M1, M5; since there are enough number of bars to calculate TEMA2000, everything is normal. But for H1, the CopyBuffer command for TEMA2000 WAITS TOO LONG (around 1 minute) to understand that there is not enough number of bars to calculate any value.

I thought getting the "PLOT_DRAW_BEGIN" property of the indicator for the selected timeframe would be a good idea. I could compare the period (2000) with it and decide whether I should run the CopyBuffer command at all, but there isn't a PlotIndexGetInteger command. We can only set the property with :


Thanks in advance.

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2015.08.21 14:32  
Did you try to use Bars() function, see documentation.
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