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-Demmy- 2015.08.20 07:52 

him i often place a trade but cant check it at work easily because i work in a regulated environment.


can someone suggest an EA that will move my stop to the 25% to target position when my trade gets 50% to target (to lock in profits so to speak). 


simple thing to do when your infront of MT4, but would like it to do it automatically? 

kerso4 2015.08.20 20:13  

well there are several EAs, have a look in Code Base window.

But your problem has a easy solution, place a StopLose and TakeProfit. They will close  when the price get there. 

Biantoro Kunarto
Biantoro Kunarto 2015.08.21 08:30  
Maybe what you need is Trailing Stop. You can search in the codebase or use this link.
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