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MT4 Connection issues - Help Question

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jrbayse 2015.08.13 20:04 
Is there a program or script that can run in my VPS that will monitor my MT4 so that in the event I loose connection to the data center, the MT4 will restart? What is supposed to happen when I lose data center connection is MT4 will automatically look for the next available server with the least latency however, that is not how it is actually working out for me. There are time I will wake up in the morning and noticed that the MT4 is not connected to any data center and this can be for a few hours and will not reconnect until I manually restart MT4. I have switched VPS services but the problem still exists. I have contacted my broker and they inform me that this is an issue resulting from my  signal service. Not sure what to do as the signal service is something I do not want to give up but I cannot have the terminal not connected to the data center as this can be very costly. If anyone has a solution to this problem, I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks!!
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