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I need to merge many indicators alert signals.

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vahid jannati
vahid jannati 2015.08.05 20:22 

Hello all friends , I need to merge some alert signals 

Let me explain further :

for example : we have two indicators 

These can be show alert signal one by one, but I don't want it

I need when these indicators signals be combination , when these both signal be merge , then show me alert signal  

I don't know what do I need : EA , Indicator or Script .

Please advise me if you know how do I have it .

Icham Aidibe
Icham Aidibe 2015.08.06 10:44  
Write a third indicator including algo from the 1st & the 2nd one. You can rewrite the whole algo, or if the bar aren't counted the same way, use iCustom & put in your alerts.
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