Questions about possibilities concerning this inverted charts indicator.

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I would like to know if ANY of the following can be achieved by modifying an existing indicator that was published on The code is for creating an inverted chart within an indicator window. None of the original functionality or speed of the indicator should be compromised. My coding is non-existent so i would have to pay someone to do it. I can't post in freelance yet as the brief is too broad until i find out what is possible. 

I would like- 

1. Outlines for the inverted candles.

2. Price values on the right axis of the indicator window.

3. Ability to snap/magnetize objects such as rectangles and trend-lines drawn in the indicator window to the actual candles, making it easier to add analysis. 

4. Alternatively the ability to create a stand alone inverted chart (not within an indicator window) with all the above features and the ability to easily switch TF's (no offline charts).

5. Can this script be created in MT4 to the same standard? i have seen other inverted charts scripts in MT4 but nowhere near as fast or as good graphically.

My plan is to post in freelance but i think there are too many questions i need answering before i can post a specific job.. Thanks to anyone who may be able to offer advice. 

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