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How to load mt4 custom indicator on mac?

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Stefano Alberti
Stefano Alberti  


I made the unfortunate choice to move to an apple system...

i am currently running mt4 through the "wine" emulator and "play on mac".

My trading strategy does not involve the use of any indicator, but my money managment rules  plans to not risk more than 2% per trade,

so I need a lot calculator to quickly calculate the exact lot size on the basis of my stop loss. 

The indicator which I use for a long time is this one:

I was aware that the market and news tabs  and does not work with apple devices,

so i copy the .ex4 file in the proper folder on my mac and the result is that i can see the indicator in the navigator bar (see file attached) but when i try to attach the indicator to a chart nothing is happening....

note also that the little icon of the lot calculator indicator on the navigator bar is different from the others....

Anyone have any idea of how to solve the problem?

Thank you in advance 

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