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I wish to create an tools to show account history current day,

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forextime8 2015.07.15 15:34 

something like 

balance , profit/loss , profit/loss % and growth 

on current day.


should i create it as indicator or expert advisor ? 

Aleksei Beliakov
Aleksei Beliakov 2015.07.17 20:13  
better if you do this job somebody from freelance section
JD4 2015.07.17 21:08  
Only go to freelance if you have no interest in learning how to code in MQL.  If you do it as an indicator, then you can have that and other indicators on the chart.  You can only have 1 EA per chart, so this could limit you if you decided you wanted to have a trading EA as well, unless you included this information in your trading EA.
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