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Manual or EA trading is better?

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Tan Phan Ngoc
Tan Phan Ngoc 2015.07.11 14:45 

Manual or EA trading is better?

After 5 years I have a conclusion that trading by manual is more effective than by EA. How about your opinions?

Donald Gibson
Donald Gibson 2015.07.11 17:16  

I do both.

I learned the hard way that depending on a EA to trade for me is not the most profitable way of trading my style.

I only use a EA to manage my trade (trailstop,close orders,add orders,close partial orders, pyramiding orders,etc) only after i manually do the research and place the trade.

All in all, manual is the best.

BaiChun Li
BaiChun Li 2015.07.11 19:01  

I am feeling EA is best,if it can do anyting.

But,it can not do anyting,haha~~

sorry,my english,haha~~

JD4 2015.07.11 22:04  

One way to look at it is an EA can sit there and stare at the screen all the time, where a manual trader does have to take a break every once in a while.

A poorly designed EA against a skilled manual trader, the trader would win most every time.  If the EA is well designed and trades exactly like the trader would in every situation, the EA would have the slight edge, only because it would be able to watch the market the entire time, where if the trader tried doing that, they would end up probably falling asleep at some point.

Sergey Basov
Sergey Basov 2015.07.12 23:00  
By my personal experience, automatic trade - the best option.

Trading via the EA that you have programmed yourself - ideal:
- you can collect statistics for many years
- you precisely know as EA works
- you don't need to sit days at the computer
But shortcomings too are:
- it is necessary to learn to program

- it is necessary to watch constantly work of EA and the server (strange situations are always possible)

Sorry, my English bad.

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