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Something important to remember when trading using signals

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JD4 2015.07.07 06:30 

There is something very important to remember when trading using signals.  For those not familiar with how this works, you "subscribe" to follow someone else's trades, sometimes there is a fee for this, sometimes not.  Anyway, back to the purpose for this thread.  Despite what people may think, while fast, the internet is not instantaneous.  The further away your computer is from the computer either sending information to or receiving information from yours, the longer it takes.  How this can affect signals is it might throw the timing off on trades if you subscribe to a signal that is being traded on the other side of the world from you.  This is no fault of the signal provider, it is just how it happens to work.  While there is not a way to tell where the trading account providing the signal is located geographically yet, I am hoping that MQ is considering adding this to the information provided on the signals information page.

(Sorry if this is not the correct area for this thread.  I saw "automated trading" and figured it fit here.  If this isn't the correct area, feel free to move it to the correct section.)

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