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MT4 vs MT5 Spreads

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cs0amc 2015.07.05 10:56 

Hi guys, I've spent a few years playing with MT5 and waiting for it to become more main stream but it seems like the spreads are still much better for MT4. Is this the case or are the quoted spreads for MT4 misleading? Are there hidden costs such as slippage/commission? Is it worth rewriting my EA for MT4? :/

Any advise appreciated


Anton Nel
Anton Nel 2015.07.05 11:33  
It makes no difference on spread, slippage and commission. The difference is consolidated positions.
JD4 2015.07.05 20:54  
The spread is set more from the brokers and what they are trading at, as is the platform.  One does not necessarily have anything to do with the other.  As far as slippage, that again is from the brokers, to some degree, and commission is all from the brokers.
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