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What soft/hardware are you using for back/forward-testing?

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master_dude 2015.07.02 07:59 

Dear fellow traders,

Two questions about what soft/hardware you are using for back/forward-testing.

 1) In the process of purchasing a new computer but not sure just what I should look for in terms of CPU,RAM and diskspace etc? I plan to use the computer for backtesting and also be testing several EAs live simultaneously. Im curious about what type of hardware other traders on this forum are using for back/forward testing..?

 2) So far I have been using the Metatrader strategy tester but recently found this( and thought I suited me very well to be able to backtest and compare several strategies or various versions of same strategy at the same time. Anyone has any ideas for a (hopefully free) software that can do this? It would need to have the option of parameter optimization as well as using tick data from ducaskopy. Also curious about if anyone on here are using any other non-Metatrader software for parts of running/testing strategies?

Hope someone has some feedback! 

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Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2015.07.02 09:09  
i7, 16GB + MQL4.
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