FFCalendar 2015 Updated - Unicode Support - Times Corrected

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I like the FFCalendar indicator and had a difficult time finding updated source that worked on new Metatrader builds. 

This is MT4 compatible. I'm not sure about MT5 but the cohesion of scripting might have it working there too.

If I'm posting this in the wrong section let me know.

*** Fixes ***

- The TimeGMT() function is now a native function and conflicted with the custom implementation of it. No biggie, just renamed it.  

 - Original source could no longer fetch the web pages. This was a problem with ANSI calls to the web fetching DLLs where the new scripting updates were trying to send Unicode strings. I wrapped the internal functions to handle the string conversions in both ways to make that happy.

- Indicator would display blank news entries if you got beyond the download problem. This was a result of FileReadString() command which now does not tolerate having a value larger than that of the actual file. The read size was set correctly and we had news entries. 

- The time of the news entries was helter-skelter. News 13 hours apart were showing a bizarre 9 hour gap. This happened to be because the update to the scripting engine changed the precedent of the && and || conditional operators which messed up the internal logic of the "am" and "pm" checks in the original indicator.


 I didn't add my credentials or anything to the header of this. I am just getting my own projects up and running and this was something I personally wanted working correctly. It took 3-5 hours to fix this up and figured I'd save the rest of you the annoyance. 



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