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Please, help me to correct the autoTP_EA!

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abc_fx 2015.06.15 23:14 

Hi Guys!

I'm a newbie in MQL4. In 2012, I had written an EA to manage the opening orders with the contents:

In a currency pair, if the market reaches a profit (A0), SL will be moved automatically to entry. Afterthat, if the price reaches a profit (A1), EA will take the first part of volume (m1) and move SL on (B1). It's same on A2, A3... At near the constant TP, EA will change to Trailing Stop mode.

 (Buy Orders: A1<A2<...< the constant TP, Entry<B1<B2<.... Sell Orders: reverse)

Unfortunately, the program didn't run correctly, it used to run only at (A1) and then nothing:( Please help me to correct, and then share it. I hope that it's useful.

Thank you.


P/s: I was born in the non-English country, therefore my English is not good. So sorry if there are some mistakes in my write. Thanks again. 

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