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rocksignal 2015.06.15 10:40 
what is Deviation/Slippage?
Aleksey Pak
Aleksey Pak 2015.06.15 12:35  
what is Deviation/Slippage?
Deviation/Slippage [C] spreads — this setting is similar to deviation set when orders are placed from the terminal. This is the value of the permissible deviation of the executed order price from the price initially requested by the client terminal when copying a trading operation. This value is displayed as a part of the current spread on the symbol used in trading operation.
The order is executed if the deviation is less or equal to the specified parameter. If the deviation exceeds the specified value, the terminal will increase the acceptable deviation by 0,5 of the spread and make another attempt to perform the trade operation. If the requote is received again, the accounts of the subscriber and provider will become unsynchronized. Later the terminal will try to synchronize them again.
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