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Cant compile anything on metaeditor (even already functional codes)

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puyol93 2015.06.11 14:57 

sorry if this question has already been asked before, but I couldn't find it at all


I'm new to ea programming and used an online builder to make a simple ea, that would just buy when RSI got above 25 and sell when got under 75, and a take profit command

but when i paste the code into the editor it shows several errors and can't compile. most of them I have no idea how to fix

 I opened another functioning ea and t can't compile either


Can anyone help?


data46 2015.06.13 07:17  
It's difficult to help when there's no code.
JD4 2015.06.27 06:54  
No code here, and the code that MQL uses is similar to C++.  You have a few choices.  Post the code here and let people have a look at it, look on the market and code base (from within the trading platform) and see if there is already something out there that someone else already made, or click on the freelance tab at the top, and pay someone else to build it for you.  If you are going to include a whole mess of code, use the SRC button at the top of the reply entry area for the code only.
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