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Challenges in subscription to signals

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S Olubiyi Adunoye
S Olubiyi Adunoye 2015.05.08 01:55 
Please I subscribed to a free trading signal and unsubscribed before the end of the subscription time, but I've been unable to subscribe for a paid signal afterwards even after depositing into my account. I have now tried several times. Please is my terminal bugged? Pls help because I havent been able to subscribe still
Anderson Hupp
Anderson Hupp 2015.05.08 14:26  


First thing I would do is make sure you have indeed unsubscribed to the previous one. You can check that here:

Just check if there is any active. 

That could be a problem once you can only subscribe to one signal per account at the time.

With that clear we could try something else.


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