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Critical Errors after upgrade to build 226

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Forex Trader
Forex Trader 2010.04.13 10:09 

I run multiple live MT4 platforms with many brokers live on a triple core Phenom and also multiple demo MT4 platforms on a core 2 quad. Both systems run Windows Server 2008.

These systems have been running error free for some months until the upgrade from build 225 to build 226. Now I get frequent Critical Error messages which occur at any time and with any broker, often when the machines are unattended.

I have hardware tested both machines and reloaded some of the platforms from the broker sites but still regularly get the errors.

The only common factor is that both machines run Windows Server 2008 and the errors only occur on build 226.

An image of one of the error screens is attached.

Hopefully there will be a build 227 soon which will fix this, but if anyone has found a solution, please post it here.

Critical Error on build 226

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