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Forex Trader
Forex Trader  

I thoght of an idea to an expert but I don't know how to write it so I'm asking for help.

My strategy is as fallows:

I looked at two specific pairs the GBPUSD and the USDJPY

I checked this strategy manually and I got impressive results

The strategy is a momentum strategy

I will only look at 15 min charts

My plan is divided to two cases:

1. If the price of the day opens above the pivot level (but not above R1) my daily bias will be long, so the strategy will look for longs.

I want to buy the pair when the price brakes the R1 level and closes outside the bollinger bands in the same candle (to show momentum),

my target will be the R2 line, and my stop loss will be, the close price of the braking candle minus the R1 price or 10 pips, which one that is greater.

2. for sells I would like to see opening price below the pivot and all the things are the same but reversed with S1 instead of R1 etc.

It's not a complex strategy, but it's innate calculations take advantage of the momentum of the market, I check in the GBPUSD 25 positions, and 13 of them were successfull, with a profitability of 475 pips.

I want to make an expert because it's hard to look all day long for this strategy, and because I would like to check it on a larger scale to see if it's valid.

I am not so sharp in the mt4 programming so I thought you can help me write it, if you want to help

I will be glad if you'll write to me to, or if you know somebody I'll be glad if you'll point me to him.

Thanks ahead

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