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Are you accustomed to using the standard library? MQL5 has one!
drheiter23 2011.12.29 22:02 

Greetings all,

   I am very new to forex trading but I am an experienced programmer and I am very interested in learning all about forex.  I plan on learning MQL5 and playing around with EA's for several months reading and learning about all the different strategies people try. I was just wondering if it's even feasible to use an EA on real markets and make a profit? I know everyone in the ATC competitions tweak their bots for high risk, high reward to try to win the competition and because it's not real money.  Maybe not easily but is it feasible to create a low risk, low reward bot given enough time and research? Are there any good brokerages that off low spreads? Do the high spreads offered to micro-accounts cause this to be impossible?  Just curious about the reality of all this before I venture into this exciting world.



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