Cannot locate "profiles" in folder directory - Windows 7?

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Forex Trader  

Hi All,

Bit of a weird thing happening, recently installed windows 7 and using this OS now.

My profiles are not being saved into the "profiles" folder of Mt4, well if they are i cannot see them there. However the actual MT4 platform is saving them so i can still bring them up. I would like to duplicate profiles however i cannot do this as i cannot find the profiles in the usual folder straucture under "profiles".

They must be saving to somewhere as the platform stilll lets me bring them up), i just cant find them. Any help is appreciated. Thanks



I have the same problem and i've solved it. Although my comment is wayyy to late probably you've solved it, but i guess i'll just post it up in case other user having the same issue.


Here's how i solve it:

1. Open your MT4/MT5

2. Go to File tab, click 'Open Data Folder'

3. Right click on the popped up page, then click 'Properties'

4. On the 'General' tab, you will see 'Attributes' at the bottom. Choose 'hidden', click apply and then click ok. After you've done this, your files will not appear or hidden.

5. Now again repeat step 4, but this time unclick 'hidden', click apply and then click ok. All your files will be displayed including your missing file.


I hope this works for you guys who have this problem =) 

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