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Forex Trader
Forex Trader 2009.12.14 18:49 

Help Please!

I have been successfully using MT4 for several weeks without any challenges. This morning I installed a new indicator that was supposed to give news alerts in a popup.

I launched MT4 and the alert popup duely surfaced but was blank. The alert sound was also emitted so I thought that maybe there weren't any alerts, so no worries, I thought. It was then that the popup went into "not responding" mode as did the main MT4 platform. The only way to exit was to use the Windows Task Manager.

1. I uninstalled MT4.

2. I deleted the suspect news alert indicator from the computer and emptied the recycle bin.

3. I deleted the MetaTrader4 Folder and all of its contents.

4. I rebooted the computer.

5. I re-installed and launched MT4. Same problem, popup alert together with sound alert followed by "Not responding" of both popup and main platform.

I have done several Windows restores going back about 5 days, and each time I have arrived back at the same "Not Responding" situation.

I cannot access any of the MT$ platform menus, or options, or experts, or indicators, or anything.

Does anyone have a solution or can anyone put me in touch with anyone who can help.

Kindest regards,


Forex Trader
Forex Trader 2010.05.03 11:17  
Dear i have also facing this kind of problem. I want to good solution to solve it. Software Reviews | Mobile | Game If you will get any solution plz tell me also.! Thanks in advance..
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