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Speed up MQL5 Cloud Network. Install Strategy Tester Agent!
parliament718 2011.12.23 10:41 

Hi, can somebody please tell me if this tutorial on access sql database from metatrader would be compatible with an MQL4 script ( and SQL server 2008)?

originally written for mql5 but my script is in mql4 can I just implement it anyway? trying to avoid the conversion. 


will it work?
If so, what folder to a put the .dll file in order to import it into an mql4 script. 


Thank you

Integrating SQL Server 2008 with Metatrader 5
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  • 2010.03.04
  • Kanhar Munshi
There is only one peer reviewed article concerning SQL integration with Metatrader by Yuriv Zaytsev written almost 8 years back and which was written originally in Russian and automatically translated to English using a translator. The example is very hard to execute, and requires creating a specific database, with specific login credentials...
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