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Making the Trade History Visible on a Chart?

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dck 2011.12.19 11:49 

Hi all,

Is it possible to display the closed trades on the charts in metatrader5.
There is the tabular Deals and Trade listing with all the Informations, but I cant find a way to visualize these.

Thank you 

Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov 2011.12.19 16:03  

See MetaTrader 5 Help MetaTrader 5 HelpUser InterfaceToolboxHistory :

The history of deals can be displayed on a chart using the "Buy Sign" and "Sell Sign" objects. To do this, drag a deal in a chart using Drag'n'Drop. After that all the deals connected with the position the selected deal is related to, will be displayed in the chart. To display all the deals for a certain symbol in a chart, drag one of the deals for this symbol holding the "Shift" key.

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