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C+ coding question for library.dll

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Funky 2011.11.13 02:34 
bool LibrarySecurityQ1(){return(false);}

int AccountsAllowed(){return(AccountNumber());}

Hi, I am trying to write a .dll for my EA.

I am new at C++ though, and I am trying to convert the above MQL into C++.  If someone could show me an example of the above in C++ I would be very grateful.

If anyone is really brave, I would be curious how to convert the below in to C++ too (this expiry idea was compliments of Sergey Kravchuk's protection article)

int Expiry()
  string char[256]; int i;
  for (i = 0; i < 256; i++) char[i] = CharToStr(i);
  // Date, until which the expert is allowed to work
  int LastAllowedDate = StrToTime(
  // 2011.12.12 23:59:00  
  if (TimeCurrent() >= LastAllowedDate) 

I am currently using a library.ex4 as security, however would like to step it up a notch into a .dll

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you kindly.

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