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Indicators: Cronex Super Position

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Cronex Super Position:

Superposition of RSI and DeMarker technical indicators.

As a rule, it takes too much time to switch between the periods and the indicator parameters to compare the behaviour and reveal the genuine dynamics of the indicators.

This indicator was created after the working space of the terminal was completely filled by a set of standard indicators having various parameters.

Author: Nikolay Kositsin

Cronex Super Position indicator

Abhay Agarwal
Abhay Agarwal  


I downloaded your Cronex_super_position indicator, it is a very nice indcator but works sometimes and does not work sometimes.

Can you please fix it. To Test, you can download MT5 platform and enable futures symbol ENQZ7 (Dec'2017 Nasdaq-100 futures) it does not work on this

but if you enable symbol ENQH8 (Mar'2018 futures) then it works on this data.

I am not able to figure out what the error is, but I see FastBuffer and SlowBuffer are getting -nan(ind)

My Debug Print Statements:


2017.09.15 00:00:00   limit: 10454 StartBar: 10453 rates total: 10476 sp_start: 22

2017.09.15 12:30:19.599 cronex_super_position (ENQZ7,M5) 2017.09.15 00:00:00   strtbar: 10453 prev_calc: 0 ratestot: 10476 SPBuffer[99]: 0.5570432744716881 FastBuf: -nan(ind)

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