Is the CTrailingPSAR class tied to using the signal files from Expert\Signal?

Conor Mcnamara  

If you would make an EA with the EA wizard, and chose parabolic sar for the trailing stop loss, it adds something like this code with nothing in OnTick:

#include <Expert\Trailing\TrailingParabolicSAR.mqh>

// global variables
input double Trailing_ParabolicSAR_Step =0.1;         // Speed increment
input double Trailing_ParabolicSAR_Maximum = 0.2;         // Maximum rate

        CTrailingPSAR *trailing=new CTrailingPSAR;

the trailing stop based on parabolic SAR works along with other signals that you add to the wizard, but I could not get the psar trailing stop to work in a custom EA using the MqlTradeRequest and MqlTradeResult classes, I'm just wondering if anyone knows