MT5 build 3950 crashes directly

Hao Chen  

When operating elements in the window, MT5 crashes directly

The situation is like this, before updating to MT5 build 3950, my EA program was running normally for several years. After updating MT5 build 3950, MT5 crashed directly when loading my EA program.

During single-step debugging, I found that a crash occurred when executing this command line; I tried executing this command line in an empty EA file, but it was normal.

Because my EA will add a lot of elements to the chart window, but the previous version can run normally.

I don’t know why, but after updating the MT5 version, MT4 becomes unresponsive or crashes directly.

int pp = ObjectFind(chart_ID,name)

Online help, please help me,

Hao Chen  
卡尔·施赖伯 #:

MT5 crashes directly without any logs showing.