Advertisement on MQL5 website


I would like to provide information on how to advertise on the MQL5 website.

To provide or to ask ?

if you are asking , there is not much you can do if you consider advertising in its pure sense. 

However you can "ride" the websites decent SEO (search engine optimization) 

  • You have not published your products yet so that is point numero uno .
  • Try to format your product titles in as a SEO friendly way as possible . The title cannot be changed after .
  • Include meaningful descriptions in the description
  • Translate the description to all available languages and if possible prepare several videos in these languages too.

Then your youtube videos make the thumbnail as precise and on point as possible , avoid using pictures of people who are not in the video if they are females .

You can also have a main video that explains the product and link that in the English youtube video of the product. The views (the plays rather) from the market overview will count and will "pump" your video within youtube itself . So the video title and descriptions must be SEO friendly too.

You can freely post stuff on your own wall . If you use images try and compress them as much as possible to the point elements are visible of course , mql5 will load your post without the image it wont wait for it to finish loading , when it does it will just bump the page of the viewer down .

The same combo of video and good seo can be achieved with articles too although that is harder to be published . 

You can also publish free products and get some "eyeballs" to your paid products this way .

Another trick you can do with the freebies is this : 

  1. Code the freebie , of course , xD
  2. Record the process in video.
  3. Upload video to youtube.
  4. Upload the code in the codebase 
  5. Upload the product in the market
  6. And link everything together , from codebase to youtube + market , from market to youtube and codebase , from youtube to market and codebase

Never : 

  • Spam invite people to your groups/channels
  • Or never have your users spam invite people to your groups/channels
  • Mention a product on the forums
  • Send cold messages with your products or pretend you want to strike up a conversation , people can see through that 
  • create a 2nd account unless you want to ask why your main account was banned (in such a case there is no way to contact the desk you are obliterated from accessing the site)
  • If you reply to users on your wall with a copy paste message repeatedly (even if it saves you time) the automated anti-spam will ban you.
  • Same in your replies to your product comments
  • Same in your replies to your product reviews

If you want to advertise on ForexFactory , in their commercial section , be careful as they will shadow ban you from all other sections once you do that . ForexFactory has the advantage that it allows you to help someone (on a request thread) and you don't need to send the code just the executable , that allows you to place social media links inside those executables . It is my opinion it would be more beneficial to advertise this way in FF instead of the commercial section . When i say "advertise this way" i don't mean annoy these users to oblivion with your solution. 

In this forum however you must provide the source code , and , in the market social links are prohibited other than the built in youtube forms , or the channels and groups .

Your channels / groups : 

You have the option to add links in the info tab of your channels / groups here on but that tab is less visited than a blanket shop in the desert during summertime.
You will have to sparsely mention your links among your posts in your channels / groups , but , don't spamfest.

Forgot to mention : social media

When you publish a product look for it in their twitter account . They will take your first screenshot (regardless of if its a gif or a static image) and use it to promote your product .So think of the 1st screenshot as a thumbnail that will appear on twitter as well .

there is no way of using advertisements on MQL5 as facebook ads and other social media platforms

you can rely on your network and connections as well as utilize the SEO by using the most suitable keywords to appear in searches