Hide price on price scale


Hi, everybody and a good day!

My indicator creates many horizzontal lines and I would like to hide the tag prices on the right side price scale in order to have a cleaner graphic. My code is this:

             ObjectSetInteger(ChartID(),"Level_Lines"+i,OBJPROP_PRICE_SCALE ,false);

bue the


 part of the code doesn't change anything. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

ChartSetInteger(0, CHART_SHOW_ASK_LINE, false);
ChartSetInteger(0, CHART_SHOW_BID_LINE, false);

//and for the full price scale on the right:

ChartSetInteger(0, CHART_SHOW_PRICE_SCALE, false);

you can insert them in the onInit() function so they can run once

Zyad Nhra #:

you can insert them in the onInit() function so they can run once

Hi, thanks for the suggestiong but it is not working. I do not want to hide the price scale but only the tags of the lines created by my indicator.

Hline in background
William Roeder #:
Hline in background
It works! Thank you very much!