i need all major currency indices

i need all major currency indices working 24  hour like gbpx , cadx , usdx etc please help
  1. Metaquotes is not a broker.

  2. You can only trade what your broker allows.
              View (alt+V) → Market Watch (control+M) → right-click → Show All. Or,
              View (alt+V) → Symbols (control+U) → double-click to add.

  3. Is MQL only for Forex? - General - MQL5 programming forum: FX, metals, binary options, bit coin. MT4 doesn't allow trading shares, options and futures. MT5 does.

  4. Discussion about specific brokers is prohibited on the forum. You have to do your own research and due diligence.
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  5. Some demo accounts have limited duration with some brokers. Some expire after lack of use with others.
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